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The world's best-selling electric underfloor heating brand.

And here's why:
  • Warmup heaters are made with a multi-strand copper nickel core for strength, the wire is then double-insulated with advanced flouropolymers which don't breakdown. Warmup design thermostats to look better and be smarter. The sleek new Warmup 3iE™ underfloor heating thermostat with energy monitor allows you to see exactly what your underfloor heating running costs are.
  • Warmup have the largest in-house support team, offer free quotations for commercial and domestic projects and operate a 24/7/365 technical helpline. Warmup are the only underfloor heating company with dedicated service engineers.
  • Warmup offer a lifetime warranty on our underfloor heating mats and loose wire heating systems. Warmup also cover your installation with our unique underfloor heating system Safety Net™ installation guarantee.
  • Only Warmup has two laboratory test facilities running continuously in Germany. Only Warmup can tell you that it costs precisely 0.6p per m² per hour to run our electric underfloor heating systems.


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Why choose granite worktops?

Our granite worktops may even work out cheaper than the cost of most hard wood solid worktops and will still look stunning in 5 years time.

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